The ministry of economy, commerce and enterprise has undertaken to make accessible its website in accordance with the Royal Decree 1112/2018, of 7 september on accessibility of websites and applications for mobile devices in the public sector.

The present statement of accessibility applies to the website www.comercioconectado.gob.es.

What is Trade Connected?

The recovery Plan, transformation and Resilience of Spain (PRTR) includes in its CComponent 13 - encouraging Investment SMES - 4: support - the “ establishment of a digital platform of trade, which will boost the presence of small traders in the new channels of positioning and distribution ”.

Trade Connected is an initiative managed by the state secretariat for Its Trade. objective is to boost competitiveness and digital transformation of small-scale commerce catering to their training and information, enhance a two-way relationship with the administration and creating communities.Seeks to give digital capabilities of the retail sector to reduce the digital divide between small enterprises and large distributors.

Mission and vision  


Create a digital ecosystem for the strengthening and promotion of retail trade in Spain, through the digital transformation and enabling other levers, promoting business growth and the sector's competitiveness. 


To be a reference platform for the different actors and interest groups in the retail trade, innovative services and relevant content in order to boost competitiveness and digitization of the sector is meant to be bidirectional, a meeting point for all sector operators and together to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Slogan and manifest 

Always, Always connected together

“ we live in a society where the use of new technology is transforming the way we do things 

Our lives have been affected by digitalisation and constant modernization that invite us to participate in the online ecosystems.  

Shops are part of our lives and their competitiveness improves the life of all. 

Hence the importance of competitiveness, digitization and online presence in the retail trade, to ensure their adaptation to new scenarios that have created new technologies and allow them to continue their competitiveness. 

Because to boost the country's economic and social development  

It is essential that our businesses connected.”

Guide of the Platform 

Downloadable document to be developed once the development of the platform is finalised (will include the step description of the use of the continental with real pictures of the same).